Introduction Why protect your data? Data protection service

As a Law firm, all the critical Legal documents and Case history data of your clients reside on your computers. Are you protecting this data from dangers like ransomware, data loss due to disk failures and virus attacks? Are you archiving older data safely?

Fractalio Data brings years of experience to manage and protect your data as a managed service..

No purchasing expensive servers, no need to hire IT professionals, we handle all that for you!

What are the risks?    What do we provide?

What are the risks?

Ransomware or virus attacks happen without warning.

Failure or loss of even a single hard disk or pen drive can lead to the loss of tens of thousands of documents affecting hundreds of clients!

Years of goodwill can be irreparably damaged in just a few seconds, from loss of client data.

Are your protecting your clients’ digital data?

The solution - Digital Data Protection & Management

All your critical data needs to be securely stored with a provision for monitored backups. You also need the ability to roll back to a previous version of your data in case of ransomware, virus attacks or in order to undo unwanted changes.

But doesn't this involve infrastructure costs and hiring trained IT professionals?

No! For less than the cost of a typical legal service, Fractalio Data provides a comprehensive data storage and protection solution, with no up-front capital costs.

Sample data storage system that we will place at your premises at our cost :

This core service tier includes :`

  • Central data storage system accessible by all users
  • Backup of desktop and laptop data (upto 10 users) onto a central data storage system*
  • Daily monitoring of storage system health & backup status
  • Ability to roll back to previous data versions

* - Number of users may be increased for nominal add-on charges

Secondary service tiers:

  • Backup of central data storage system
  • Cloud backup of central data storage system

Call us now for comprehensive protection of your digital data!