Fractalio Data was conceived in response to the challenge of containing and reliably managing the explosion of electronic data that IT enabled organizations of all sizes are experiencing.

Fractalio Data is led by a group of individuals with experience spanning technology, engineering and business, who started off over a decade ago as vendor-independent system integrators of data storage solutions, and were among the few Indian companies to design and deliver solutions addressing the full spectrum of “Datalifecycle” requirements, from data storage, through archival, retrieval and elimination; from in-premise to the cloud.

In addition to, and of equal importance as our data storage initiative, as individuals and as a group, we're interested in a wider spectrum of technology - its role, influence and impact on sustenance, convenience and leisure, and consequently then, on livelihoods and the nature and role of work in society. In more concrete terms, we're interested in harnessing technology to address local needs towards sustainable living in the areas of food, water, energy security & shelter, and strive to provide an environment that supports explorations in these areas. So, our data storage business is but one dimension, in a much broader set of motivations, and serves as an enabler to facilitate these explorations.

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