Modular, unified & scale-out data storage systems, architected for performance, reliability, fault resilience, scalability and affordability.

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Forever-incremental upgrades & maintenance

Our modular architecture eliminates the necessity for over-provisioned storage, and allows you to start with only as much capacity and performance as you really need.

At the same time, it also provides the ability to seamlessly enhance capacity or performance, in lock-step increments, whenever required, using current-generation hardware, eliminating fork-lift upgrades.

The hardware-autonomy of each “storage cell” ensures modular, “incremental-forever” maintenance and unsurpassed investment protection.


The IntegralStor framework uses, by-design small, modular & energy-efficient hardware building-blocks to deliver a scalable, high-performance, fault-resilient and easy-to-manage storage solution.

IntegralView, our browser driven single-dashboard storage manager, aggregates and virtualizes multiple disks into storage pools, and multiple pools into a unified namespace, allowing a single storage system or a grid of storage-systems to be configured, administered & monitored as a single system.

Our design is informed by our conviction, that durable value can only be realised through the maximisation of useful product life.

Commodity hardware + open software = Lowest lifetime cost

Our use of commodity hardware eliminates vendor-lock-in and liberates you from the risk of unreasonable maintenance costs, and the expensive and wasteful, but industry-prevalent practice of planned obsolesence.

Together with our base of open software, this allows you to always remain in control your data.

Of course, while some of the tools and features we build, may be unique to us, the absence of a lock-in to the underlying hardware or software, empowers you to determine the lifespan of your infrastructure.


In the decade and more that we've been immersed in data storage, we've had a ringside view of several generations of data storage solutions, from multiple vendors, attempting to address the challenge of electronic data storage.

While there have been massive advances and improvements in capacity and peformance, in terms of data durability, nothing very significant has really changed.

Until now...

Data Integrity & Durability

The key to data integrity and durability is, to decouple data content from the underlying hardware

While the cloud has abstracted away some of the hardware dependency, it comes at the cost of security and privacy; and yet, still does not deliver true hardware-decoupled data storage.


Our ground-breaking new system treats any dataset as a collection of "data molecules" with its underlying "atomic" structure, amenable to algorithmic organisation.

This allows the system to operate in a manner that completely decouples data content from storage hardware, and mitigates the complexity, costs and limited lifespans of traditional data storage infrastructure.

Algorithmic Data Representation

Our patent-pending algorithmic data representation and storage system is a fundamentally new, future-proof approach to information storage.

Deployable as a private or public, internet-scale framework, it guarantees data durability, content integrity, security & privacy, as well as hitherto unprecedented levels of efficiency in data footprint optimization, transmission and archival.

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